How we started

brigitteHi, I’m Brigitte.

MELT was created out of a passion for baking and eating all things sweet! Born into a Middle Eastern family, I have been surrounded by food my whole life. Desserts and sweets were always a favourite of mine and I would love spending time in the kitchen with my mum.

Fast forward a number of years. Now I have a child of my own and he enjoys baking with me just like I did with my mum.

As most mothers of young boys would understand, he was totally obsessed with Minecraft a few years ago. As a special birthday party treat, I made him Minecraft cupcakes. They were a total hit not only with the kids but the mums too! Mums started enquiring about the cupcakes and pretty soon I was getting orders. Before I knew it, birthday cakes and celebration cakes soon followed. So MELT began.